Jan 07

Taxi Driver Assaults Passenger

Taxi Driver Assaults Passenger: Bangkok, Thailand

At 4AM yesterday, a female tour guide filed a police report against a taxi driver accusing him of refusing to provide her service and physically assaulting her.

The incident began at a pub on Soi Sukhumvit 11 in the early hours of Jan. 6 when Kanyanat Chamwecha, a 33-year-old guide, was trying to take a taxi home. Despite the large number of cabs queuing by the sidewalk, none was willing to drive her to Sukhumvit 39.

“They were waiting only for foreign passengers since they paid more,” a furious Kanyanat told police. “I decided to call on passing taxis instead”

Finally, a taxi picked her up. She told the taxi driver her destination but he, who was described as short and around 40 years old, made an unwilling face.

The driver carried her along Asoke Road and stopped at an intersection where Asoke met with Jaturatis Road. He then dragged her out of the backseat by her arms. In response, Kanyanat yanked off his amulet necklace as evidence and went to the Din Daeng Police Station to report his behavior.

According to Dailynews police sent the victim to Police General Hospital for a diagnosis. Police will call in the cabbie to hear Kanyanat’s accusation, which could cost him a THB1,000 fine.

Our Drivers
Our drivers are vetted and you are assured of your safety when booking with us here at taximinibusbangkokpattaya.com – in over a decade of operation we have never experienced anything so disconcerting!

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Nov 10

Bangkok Airport Transfer Testimonials

Bangkok Airport Transfer Testimonials

Bangkok Airport Transfer TestimonialsSince 2002 we have used Peter’s minibus service from Bangkok airport to Hua Hin with absolutely no issues at all. I would recommend this service to all that wish for a hassle free, well priced taxi or minibus from Bangkok on arrival. Arthur Manes


On numerous occasions now our family has been collected from Bangkok airport in two minibuses (LARGE FAMILY) and taken to the hotel in Jomtien and then on tours. We have take tours to Nong Nooch, Tiger zoo, the aquarium and even a day tour for shopping in Bangkok city. All very well organized and I have no reservations recommending the service. Stella and all the family


Tired of being held to ransom by taxi touts at Bangkok airport I decided to use the taxi transfer service prebooked through Peter and have never looked back. See you again in January. Thanks for the great service. Arthur Price

Knowing that a driver will be waiting for us on arrival at Suvarnubumi Bangkok airport takes all of the immediate stress away from our landing. A good job well done. P.Moore

Until we discovered the taxi minibus service from Bangkok to Pattaya our holiday has always begun the right way! See you again very soon. Denise Smithe Germany

Keep up the superb work! I’ve not used any other service since 2002 and there has never been an issue. I use the service every 6 weeks and without fail receive a confirmation of our airport transfer within 24 hours ever time. What would I do without you? ATB – Bernardo

My first trip to Pattaya I didn’t know what to do and ended up getting a bad taxi for a ridiculous price. Since using Peter’s Bangkok transfer service I now know that all is taken very good care of. The drivers assist you with your bags at the airport, load them carefully, do not drive at 100KMH and arrive safely every time. The door-to-door service certainly works for us. We use the company for golf trips around the Pattaya and Bangkok area also. The driver waits patiently and has a good enough grasp of English to understand any special requirements that we have. ALL very good. Will be using your minibus again in April 2013. Golfers united – UK

Getting from Bkk Airport to Phattaya used to be a night mare on landing at the airport. Now having it all prearranged is so much easier. Keep up the good service. Peter Davis – UK

Perfect service. Bangkok airport to Jomtien has never been easier. Great work! Celia and family – Scotland

I frequent Thailand on business and have used several different Bangkok airport transfer services. Since having this service suggested to me by a colleague I have never looked back. Tommy Rollings – UK

I first found this Bangkok to Pattaya service in 2004 and have enjoyed the ease of booking and confirmation every time since. As far as I am concerned this is the best service that I have used for my Thailand travels. Samut Seamus – Netherlands

It’s always a bit of a gamble landing at Bangkok airport and you are approached by many taxi and minibus touts. It’s nice to see our pre-arranged friendly drivers face holding a sign with our family name on it. So easy to book and easy to pay. Dan – USA

I travel alone to Bangkok airport but have a friend that usually follows about an hour later on a different flight. There is never any problem waiting for my buddy so that we can travel together. Nick and Claus – Belgium

Why did it take me so long to use Peter’s service? Before I used to struggle downstairs at Bkk airport with all of my luggage and still didn’t know how I was going to get into Bangkok City and then down to Pattaya after a few days. One simple booking with this company and all is taken care of seamlessly. I now often use a transfer from Bkk airport to Bkk main and then down to Pattaya and then back to Bkk airport once my time is up. Transport here is no longer an issue – simply book and be taken care of. Paul Brice – Australia

My Thai wife likes to meet me at Bangkok airport when I return from business each month. There is no problem with her being collected in Jomtien by the driver to come to meet me at the airport:) Great overall service.

Having used the service since 2004 – the minibus service has remained absolutely superb with NO price increases in all of this time – even when fuel became more expensive. I’ll always use this service. Gary Scott – Ireland

If you wish for a very easy arrival at Bangkok airport and a great service to your destination then I can recommend no better company. Very frequent Thailand traveler.

All of the bookings are sent to one person whom mails back with a confirmation quite often immediately but never longer than 12 hours in my experience. I like to know personally that all of my immediate airport arrival details are sorted and this service works very well. Dr. Panesh Gupta

What can I say? A flawless operation! Becky – UK

Bangkok Airport – Pattaya – Bangkok Airport with golf tours in between is so easily set up for us guys now. We travel twice per year and have done for four years. Peter’s attention to detail, confirmations and promises are all 100% Why look elsewhere for transport? Fuller – Stockholm

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Nov 10

Happy Thailand Visitors

My first trip to Thailand was a night mare on arrival. I got charged 2000 Thai baht from the airport to a hotel just 30 minutes away from the airport. After getting to know a few people here in Bangkok and also Pattaya I gained the number for Peter and his service. It’s now like having a personal transport arranger. All prices are competitive and I always have a conformation within 24 hours. I cannot recommend this Bangkok airport transfer service enough.
David Hughes UK
I have no other Bangkok minibus service to compare this service with. However, our family are so pleased with the punctionality of the drivers, the safety, the vehicles and prices that we will not look elsewhere. We holiday in Thailand a lot and it’s reassuring to know that the beginning and the end are very well taken care of.
S. Coupal and family UK
There are usually 4 – 5 groups of us traveling to Pattaya at any one time for golf. Peter has provided a great minibus for each and every journey with seamless booking. We also use the minibus service for the golf course visits that we make. The service is superb and the price very good value for money.
Golf For Life – Spain
I have used the Bkk Airport to Pattaya service a dozen times now. Only once was there a mix up where we received a minibus instead of a car – this was not a problem as we were only charged for the car transfer from Bangkok (allowing us a lot of room for a small price:).
Delia Smather

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Nov 08

Happy Golfers

Hi Peter, just to say many thanks for the superb service that was given to our guys on the golf tour and more in Pattaya. I could have had egg on my face as the mug that had to organize it all but it was all superb. We only had two weeks but the airport transfer was faultless and we got to play Green Wood, Phoenix, Mountain Shadow and Pattaya Country Club.

Thanks again for making our trip so smooth. The only disappointing thing for me out of the entire trip was my buddy getting a hole in one which cost me a small fortune in the Soi 8 bars. Still, that wasn’t your fault (although maybe next time you can have the driver trip him up on the way out of the minibus next time).

Anyway – thanks again Peter and we’ll be in touch in February.

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