Jan 07

Taxi Driver Assaults Passenger

Taxi Driver Assaults Passenger: Bangkok, Thailand

At 4AM yesterday, a female tour guide filed a police report against a taxi driver accusing him of refusing to provide her service and physically assaulting her.

The incident began at a pub on Soi Sukhumvit 11 in the early hours of Jan. 6 when Kanyanat Chamwecha, a 33-year-old guide, was trying to take a taxi home. Despite the large number of cabs queuing by the sidewalk, none was willing to drive her to Sukhumvit 39.

“They were waiting only for foreign passengers since they paid more,” a furious Kanyanat told police. “I decided to call on passing taxis instead”

Finally, a taxi picked her up. She told the taxi driver her destination but he, who was described as short and around 40 years old, made an unwilling face.

The driver carried her along Asoke Road and stopped at an intersection where Asoke met with Jaturatis Road. He then dragged her out of the backseat by her arms. In response, Kanyanat yanked off his amulet necklace as evidence and went to the Din Daeng Police Station to report his behavior.

According to Dailynews police sent the victim to Police General Hospital for a diagnosis. Police will call in the cabbie to hear Kanyanat’s accusation, which could cost him a THB1,000 fine.

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